To conserve, care for, and connect with lands and waters essential to life in the Inland Northwest

A future of interconnected natural habitats throughout the Inland Northwest, supporting thriving populations of native plants and wildlife, respected and enjoyed by all who call this region home.


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Working With Our Community

Building Connections

Inland Northwest Land Conservancy works with our community to identify and protect special places throughout the region. We protect private lands through legal agreements with landowners. We also work to improve lands under our management for habitat, clean water and air, and native plants. In recent years, the Conservancy has partnered with other agencies and community organizations to protect land for public enjoyment. Check out our projects under Where We Work and join us in protecting this beautiful area for years to come!

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Putting the Conservancy in your will

What is your legacy?

Have you considered how your value system is reflected in your current philanthropic giving? What would it mean to the important organizations you support if your giving stopped? Imagine being able to make an estate gift that will protect local lands and waters forever! That is the beauty of making a planned gift to a land trust like Inland Northwest Land Conservancy. We do work rooted in perpetuity to ensure that these beautiful spaces will be protected forever. Click here for more information about making an estate gift to the Conservancy.



Clearwater Paper Match to Replace Stolen Tools

$30,000 for replacement tools raised in just over two weeks! Thanks to a generous 2:1 pledge from Clearwater Paper Corporation, and community donations from almost 100 people, we’ve raised the money necessary to replace and repair tools and equipment for use by our volunteers at Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve, and other special places in our community. THANK YOU! To everyone who supported this effort.

Conservation By The Numbers

Waterways & Shoreline

125 miles

Spokane & Kootenai County Households Within Sight of

Land the Conservancy Has Helped Protect


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Where We Work

Inland Northwest Land Conservancy is focused on creating opportunities with community leaders, private landowners, and government agencies to preserve the clean air, waters, and scenic beauty of the Inland Northwest region.

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What We Do

We envision a future of interconnected natural habitats throughout the Inland  Northwest, supporting thriving populations of native plants and wildlife,  enjoyed and respected by the people who also call this region home.

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Partners in Conservation

Critical Local Connections

Local land conservation is made possible with the help of our many partners. Here are just a few of our conservation partners who make it all possible.