Corporate Partnerships

Business owners and their employees love living and working in the Inland Northwest for many reasons – among them are access to thriving natural lands, beautiful waterways, abundant scenery, and uncrowded trails. At Inland Northwest Land Conservancy we love those things too. We conserve and care for land so future generations can participate in a thriving economy set in a healthy environment. Our corporate partners invest in the Conservancy as a way of protecting this future, becoming part of a much larger conservation community here in the Inland Northwest.

Why be a corporate partner with the Conservancy?

It's a win-win!

Our values, love of nature, perpetuity, discernment, and collaboration resonate with your company values. This is a chance to make an investment and an impact that is bigger than what you could have alone. 

Engagement with the Conservancy contributes to culture and team building and encourages deeper connections with the community and your company’s values. It gives members of your team a chance to feel like an important part of a larger whole.

The protection of local outdoor places will keep the Inland Northwest high on the list of livable communities, appealing to potential customers, employees, and more businesses who come to call this place home and add to an already growing and vibrant economy.

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What we offer

As a thank-you, and recognition for your valuable support, we provide the following opportunities:

“On the land” team engagement opportunities: up to 3 annually 

  • Shareable material to promote the event with employees 
  • On-site photographer for a portion of the event to capture images that will be shared with your organization and used by the Conservancy for our promotion 

Social Media promotion of partnership: 4 annually, across all channels 

  • Instagram & Facebook: Social, community-oriented, casual look and feel 
  • Twitter & LinkedIn: More professional promotion of business and highlighting partnership 
  • YouTube: Depending on assets collected at event, a short slideshow or brief video about “on the land” engagement shareable on other platforms 
  • Focused blog post and accompanying email blast featuring the “on-the-ground” impact of your gift (eg. a story about your staff doing a stewardship project, photos of native trees planted, etc.) 

 Promotion to the Conservancy’s member base: 

  • Website/blog 
  • eNews 
  • Inclusion in direct mail assets 

 Discounted household memberships for employees and their families: Can be purchased anytime during the duration of the partnership 

Inclusion in quarterly press release regarding the Conservancy’s corporate partners: up to 4 annually

How can I support local conservation?

What we ask

In addition to financial sponsorship, we ask that our corporate partners consider:

  • Opportunities to share our work with your team 
  • Inclusion in corporate communications (newsletter, social media, member mailings) 
  • Incentives for employees, members, or customers to join the Conservancy (employer match, incentive coupon, etc.) 
  • Sharing/reposting of Conservancy content that is relevant to your business or audience

Sponsorship levels have been and can be, as diverse as the talented and dedicated business leaders in our community. Here are just a few suggestions.

  • Aquifer Level Sponsors: $20,000
  • Salmon Level Sponsors: $15,000
  • Huckleberry Sponsors: $10,000
  • Marmot Level Sponsors: $5,000

Contact Carol Corbin to get started!

W. 509-328-2939


Already a Conservancy Partner?

Participate in a Corporate Give Back Day


Connect with your team and the land by volunteering with Inland Northwest Land Conservancy. We offer both employee only events as well as opportunities for your staff to engage with the boarder community.


We can take your team out on the land any time of year with different activities taking place January through November! Click here to view a list of potential volunteer opportunities.


These work parties generally take place at the Conservancy’s Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve, however we are open to discussing alternative locations that best suite your team.

Benefits to Your Team

  • This is the perfect opportunity to give your staff the break they deserve. Spending time out of the office, hands on the earth, and engaged in their community prevents burnout and improves overall wellbeing.
  • Many organizations use this as a chance for staff to form deeper team bonds – There is no better place to connect than outdoors, away from technology!
  • A tangible way to show your employees your dedication to improving the community they call home

Click to schedule your "Give Back Day"

Custom and In-kind Partnerships

Inland Northwest Land Conservancy believes in the value of building community throughout our region and beyond. Our mission to conserve, care for, and connect with lands and waters essential to life in the Inland Northwest, is made possible by being involved with businesses like yours—businesses who are also dedicated to the health and sustainability of our community. 

If you have an idea for a partnership other than financial, please contact or call Carol Corbin, Director of Philanthropy and Communication, at (509) 844-8354. 


Corporate Partners

This section is a work in progress as we develop our formalized corporate sponsorships program. If your organization should be represented, but isn’t, please reach out to us at