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The Conservancy works in a number of areas, protecting lands and waters for the enjoyment of the public, and holding legal protection (easements) on private land. This map shows a number of our project areas across the region, both public and private.

Project Map

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Lands We Serve

This map shows the Conservancy’s public access projects, private land easements, and nature preserves as of winter, 2021.

  • Preserve properties are marked by a green dot.
  • Conservation easements (privately owned) are marked by an orange dot.
  • Partner projects are marked by blue dots.


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Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve

Waikiki (or “spouting water”) Springs rests on the banks of the Little Spokane River.  The 95-acre Nature Preserve is adjacent to Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife property of the same name. Under Inland Northwest Land Conservancy’s ownership and management, this property will be open for the enjoyment of the community.

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Save the Swans

Coeur d'Alene River

The Coeur d’Alene River flows from the magnificent Silver Valley of North Idaho into the picturesque Lake Coeur d’Alene. Inland Northwest residents and visitors alike have come to love the river for not only its scenery, but also its wildlife.

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Connecting Public Land

Rimrock to Riverside

Join Inland Northwest Land Conservancy in this exciting project to expand Palisades Park and connect it to Riverside State Park, creating an 11-mile habitat and trail corridor that connects downtown Spokane northward to Long Lake.

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Olmsted 2.0

With 175 sunny days per year and 87 city parks, Spokane, Washington boasts a reputation of being an ideal destination for enjoyment of the outdoors. As the region gets discovered, though, population expansion in the County necessitates a new, bold vision for access to the outdoors–one that will last our community for the next 100 years and beyond.

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Saltese Uplands Expansion

In 2021. with the help of passionate and generous donors and partners, Inland Northwest Land Conservancy purchased 55 acres of land adjacent to the existing Saltese Uplands Conservation Area. This newly acquired public preserve is on track to be purchased through the County Conservation Futures Program in 2022, and be owned and managed by Spokane County as part of the Conservation Area. Thanks to the Conservancy’s “Conservation Opportunity Fund,” this beautiful piece of land has been added for public use and enjoyment in perpetuity.

Spokane County Conservation Futures

Spokane Area Recreation Trails

We envision a future of interconnected natural habitats throughout the Inland  Northwest, supporting thriving populations of native plants and wildlife,  enjoyed and respected by the people who also call this region home

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Partners in Conservation

Critical Local Connections

Here are just a few of our conservation partners who make our work possible.