April 15th – Weed ID & Removal at Rimrock to Riverside (9am-1pm)

April 15, 2022 9:00 am 15


INLC’s Rimrock to Riverside property lies along the northern boundary of Palisades City Park. It’s very diverse in vegetation, contains several unique wetlands and ponds, and is very geologically unique. The Conservancy strives to not only protect lands like these, but also to enhance the habitats and forest health of the landscape and learn more about the land to inform our land protection efforts.

One of the important ways we can take care of our lands is to promote native species and remove invasive ones. This work party will focus on the removal of non-native, invasive species that threaten the habitats that are so important for wildlife and healthy ecosystem function.

At Rimrock to Riverside, we’ll focus on:

  • Spotted Knapweed
  • Common mullein
  • Houndstongue

INLC will provide all necessary tools and gloves. Please bring with you snacks or a lunch, plenty of drinking water, appropriate layers, solid hiking boots, and a face covering.