April 22nd – Earth Day Potting Party at INLC Nursery

April 5, 2023 9:00 am 40

Ever wonder where our plants come from? We buy our plants in bulk (hundreds at a time) from the Washington Association of Conservation Districts Plant Materials Center. A mouthful, huh? They come to us in the spring as bare-root plants, meaning they’re unpotted. To keep them healthy and thriving over the summer, we need to get them potted up and organized in our new nursery space!

During this work party, you’ll learn:

  • About the species we’re potting up and what function they serve in our ecosystem
  • How to care for plants in a nursery setting
  • How to properly pot and plant native species for strong survival

Location: The location of our nursery is still to be determined, but we’ll have solidified our selected site by January. We’ll update the location of this activity when we have finalized that decision.

Date & Time: Saturday, April 22nd, 9am-1pm