July 2nd Waikiki Springs Native Plant Habitat Restoration

July 2, 2021 9:00 am 10



One of the ways we can all be good stewards of the lands we love is to understand the plant community present in our area, including the weeds! Invasive weeds spread in many ways, often through waterways, through the air, on the backs of wildlife, or on our boots as we hike the many public lands in the Inland Northwest! 

Some weeds need to be sprayed, but many can be removed by hand! At the Conservancy, we choose to remove weeds by hand when possible to reduce the chemicals we introduce to our environment. By removing invasive weeds, we make healthy space for native plants to grow. And you can help us! 

On Friday, July 2nd, we’ll focus on Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve, removing plants like leafy spurge, common bugloss, common mullein, teasle, and St. John’s Wort! Throughout the project, we’ll discuss other native and non-native species! 

The Conservancy will provide all tools, gloves, and other materials needed to effectively pull weeds. All you need to bring is enthusiasm for plants, plenty of water, and sturdy boots!