Oct. 15th – Deer Fence Installation at Rimrock to Riverside (9am-3pm)

October 15, 2021 9:00 am 10

INLC’s Rimrock to Riverside property lies along the northern boundary of Palisades City Park. It’s very diverse in vegetation, contains several unique wetlands and ponds, and is very geologically unique. The Conservancy strives to not only protect lands like these, but also enhance the habitats and forest health of the landscape.   

One of our projects for 2021 is to partner with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to deepen, diversify, and plant around a large wetland on the property. Wildlife love the wetland already, and will benefit from it even more once it’s been enhanced. BUT – we don’t want them to enjoy the new buffet of native plants until they’ve put down strong roots. So we need some fencing.

We’ll be creating “polygons” of deer fencing to reduce the likelihood of deer, moose, and other critters from eating the freshly planted trees and shrubs. We’ll be installing fenceposts, then tying deer netting to the posts. There will be a few of these polygons in the wetland area, so we’ll need a few hands to get them all done before the big planting party on October 23rd. Once the plants are in the ground and established (usually takes a couple of years), we’ll remove the fence!

Because there will be a lot of US Fish & Wildlife equipment near the wetland, we’ll meet at the Rimrock to Riverside parking area at 9am and walk to the project site, which is a 10-minute walk away. We’ll wrap up and be back at the parking area by 3pm at the latest. Please bring a lunch and plenty of water, along with a face covering, appropriate layers, and sturdy hiking shoes/boots. INLC and US Fish & Wildlife will provide all necessary tools and gloves.