Inland Northwest Land Conservancy's Legacy Circle

“Let us leave a splendid legacy for our children . . . let us turn to them and say, this you inherit; guard it well, for it is far more precious than money . . . and once destroyed, nature’s beauty cannot be repurchased at any price.” -Ansel Adams

For the Future

Planned Giving

Do you want to make a difference to this world – even after you are gone? Are you afraid to make a big gift now in case you need the money in your later years?  If so, you may wish to make a planned gift.

A planned gift to Inland Northwest Land Conservancy will help us continue to protect the land we all love for years to come.

Here are some of the ways to leave a legacy:

  • Include a gift of cash, stocks, or bonds to Inland Northwest Land Conservancy in your estate plan (i.e. will or living trust)

  • Direct part or all of your IRA or 401(k) to Inland Northwest Land Conservancy upon your passing

  • Name Inland Northwest Land Conservancy as a full or partial beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Call our office or download Sample Language and Information for Your Attorney to get started. Please consult your attorney or tax advisor to be sure that planned giving is right for you.

To share your intentions with us, please fill out and return this form. This will allow us to work with your attorney to execute your wishes AND allow us to thank you during your lifetime.

Endowment Giving

Inland Northwest Land Conservancy has an endowment fund at Innovia Foundation.  Planned gifts to the endowment may be made to Inland Northwest Land Conservancy or directly to Innovia with “Inland Northwest Land Trust Fund” specified as the recipient.

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Making a Planned Gift to the Conservancy

Estate Giving with INLC

Thank you to these dedicated individuals who have made long-term plans to support local conservation through their estate plans! If you would like to learn more about how a shared value of the love of nature can continue to thrive in this community through your estate planning, please reach out to us at (509) 328-2939 or email to set up a conversation over coffee. We would love to get to know you and understand how we can help realize the future you hope to see!

Creating the future you hope for

How will your values influence your estate planning?

Join experts in the field of financial planning, philanthropic giving, end-of-life, and estate planning to learn how your value system can be reflected in your financial planning. Representations from Edward Jones, Froese Law, Fairmount Memorial Association, and Glenrose Philanthropy share their approach to values-based giving in this 40-minute presentation.

What are my values?

Love of Nature

If you’ve ever looked out over an expansive sunset or marveled at the detail of a blooming wildflower, you understand the intrinsic value of natural spaces in our everyday lives. Access to nature is one of the best things about living here in the Inland Northwest, and all the work INLC does revolves around caring for and protecting it.

How can I be sure I'm making the right choice?


The Conservancy’s number one value is the love of nature. Our work is driven by a deep love of the natural world and its processes. Secondly, we value perpetuity. We steward lands and resources so that our work outlives us. The value of discernment informs our work. We make choices based in science that maximize our enduring conservation impact. And lastly, we value collaboration. We build relationships and deliver results.

Do these values resonate with your own?

How can I be sure that things I value will be protected when I can no longer protect them myself?


In the coming years, our operational priorities are:

  • Protect significant areas of important regional habitat and water resources from the impacts of development
  • Catalyze significant protection of well-loved lands in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho
  • Use land conservation tools to help improve regional climate resilience and to mitigate some of the effects of a changing climate
  • Monitor and enhance the conservation values of the private lands we have protected
  • Deliver conservation programming that educates, engages, excites, and serves broad and diverse audiences across our community

What does the future of the Inland Northwest look like because of me?


As you make your estate plans, remember that Inland Northwest Land Conservancy protects lands and waters forever. This lasting commitment to local conservation comes with a price tag. Your legacy gift means clean water and air, thriving populations of native plants and animals, and healthy communities throughout the Inland Northwest.

And for every new planned gift commitment we receive, generous private donors have agreed to match with $1,000 for Conservancy work right now! In other words, your pledge of a gift in the future supports the immediate and vital work of protecting local lands and waters today!

Your legacy gift will . . .

  • Perpetuate our stewardship of lands and resources so that our work outlives us
  • Ensure the continued protection of the places you love in the Inland Northwest
  • Inspire the love of nature in generations to come

By Heidi Lasher, Conservancy Volunteer and Strategic Communications & Policy Consultant

Palouse Champion Leaves a Legacy

For most of Alice Clausen’s life, she saw the sun rise and set over the Palouse. Her home near Spangle, Washington south of Spokane had been her husband’s childhood home. She spoke passionately about the farmland and the pockets and seams of brush and tall grasses that she shared with birds and wildlife. Alice passed away peacefully in her home under the vast Palouse sky last fall. Her generous gift has made a substantial addition to the Conservancy’s endowment funds, which are managed by the Innovia Foundation, a community foundation serving Eastern Washington and North Idaho. Her $400,000 legacy gift will be used in part to support the Volunteer Land Steward program, to restore habitat, and conserve wild places throughout the Palouse and the Inland Northwest.

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