Meet Your Fellow Hike Docents

See bios from all our current hike docents below. All docent’s contact information is included in bio if you have questions, want to share tips or co-lead a hike!

Information from your bios will be used to promote your hikes! Your contact information will only be shared with hike attendees prior to hike date.

Mark Merhab

Mark moved from Ohio in 1979 to work as a Forester in the Yaak River area of NW Montana. In the late 80s Mark went back to school for an Electronics degree from NIC. Mark was able to travel to many places around the world working in the Hi-Tech industry until he retired in 2020.

Mark has hiked, mountaineered, skied, snowshoed and boated all around this region for over 40 years. Love and Respect of nature is deeply rooted in his core beliefs. He is volunteering for INLC, to give back in a positive effort, to the natural wonders of our environment around Spokane!

Mark’s goals for Guided Hikes; to get outside for some exercise, to have fun, to learn a little about the land we’re hiking on AND to learn a little more about INLC. Let’s get hiking!

(509) 990-6689

Gina Claeys

Gina is originally from Michigan and moved to the Spokane area in 2015.

She owns a wildlife education guiding company, works for the City of Spokane as a park technician, and is involved with the Spokane Mountaineers.

She has a master’s in environmental management from Duke University, and is Wilderness First Aid certified.

She enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities but particularly rock climbing and hiking.

(509) 475-0228

Bob Ganahl

For the past twenty years Bob Ganahl has enjoyed the Inland Northwest’s great outdoors. Prior to that he lived in the Eastern Sierra.

He’s a member of the Spokane Mountaineers and of the Washington Trails Association, and he participates in the conservation efforts of both groups. He was once a Boy Scout, a Search and Rescue volunteer, and an outdoor-sports program coordinator.

A retired teacher, he nowadays skis when there’s snow and backpacks when there isn’t. He is equally enamored of all four seasons outside.

(509) 999-3725

Alana Livingston

Alana is a Spokane native and received her degree in anthropology from the University of Idaho. Her education and interest in Indigenous people and their use of plant life helped facilitate her opening of Wander Spokane, a business providing several guided walking excursions and tours around the Spokane area.

(206) 832-6743

Andi Chatburn

Andi has lived in Spokane with her partner John since 2010 and enjoys engaging trails in all seasons. Whether in boots, snowshoes, alongside one of her two companion Bernese mountain dogs, or on skis, Andi seeks a mindful pace.

Working as a palliative care physician and healthcare ethicist has clarified the importance of living well and dying well together, in community with one another and the more-than-human world of plants, animals, and fungi. Finding peace through a practice of place, she seeks to become naturalized to healing landscapes and invite others on the journey.

In her spare time, Andi loves tending a quarter-acre microfarm and hosting interfaith ecospirituality retreats.

(509) 981-6949

Brenda Day

Brenda is a veterinarian by trade and an avid birder. Brenda is always on the lookout for different birds/mammals and is likely to stop and observe interesting species.

She also loves to hike and photograph all birds and mammals but she is especially interested in owls.

On most of her hikes Brenda will be the one carrying a camera!

(509) 981-9189

Barb Morkill

Barb has been a member of INLC for many years. Her love of the sound of wind through trees, wildflowers, birds basically the restorative properties of nature led her to an organization protecting our wild places, INLC.Her early years were spent backpacking into the Sierra Mountains with her family. They skied, enjoyed the ocean in general spent time outdoors. Spokane offered easily accessible outdoor activities with her boys. They are fortunate to live near Riverside State Park where they caught crawdads, fished and hiked.Having been in education she’s comfortable leading hikes with all ages. She has a basic knowledge of common wildflowers with a handy app to identify those she doesn’t know.Barb still prefers to be outside, gardening, hiking or just soaking up sun, rain or snow.

(509) 953-8014

Patti Ziegler

Patti’s love of natural spaces started when she was a child. Growing up on a small farm in the Spokane Valley, she and her siblings spent most day’s outdoors horseback riding, riding bikes, & general exploring. This outdoor therapy has carried on into her senior year’s.

After retiring, Patti began volunteering with the McDowell Sonoran Preserve in Scottsdale, Az., which sparked her interest in becoming involved in her hometown during summer season in Spokane area.

It warms Patti’s heart to connect & educate others, to see the beauty nature provides for us all. INLC goals for preservation, allowing recreation, to share knowledge about our wetlands, & wildlife corridors is powerful for our community.

(786) 516-3633

Rick Hosmer

Rick has been hiking and enjoying the outdoors since his childhood exploring the central Cascade Range with his dad and grandfather. Backpacking trips on his path to becoming an Eagle Scout, led to an interest in mountaineering and rock climbing. He has ascended most of the Cascade volcanoes and scrambled to the tops of many peaks throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Moving to Spokane in 1981 to pursue education in graphic design, Rick has made Spokane his home ever since. After owning his own graphic design and marketing firm in Spokane for 35 years, in 2022 his company was acquired by 116 & West, an advertising agency headquartered in Boise. That transition provided Rick time to consider other ways to give back to the community — and introducing people to the beauty and diversity of the Inland Northwest’s natural environment, along with its plants, wildlife, geology and cultural history is a perfect fit for his interests.

When not hiking, Rick enjoys reading, drawing, flatwater kayaking, mountain biking, and backroad motorcycling. Staying active in mind and body is key to aging with style, and as he heads for retirement, Rick is excited to share the Inland Northwest Land Conservancy’s critical mission with those interested in conserving, managing and exploring the natural world.

(509) 995-6565

Kellie Ingram

Kellie grew up in Western Washington with lots of time spent outdoors particularly in the Columbia Gorge and Mt. Hood.

Kellie and her husband, Carl, moved to Spokane in 2019, after she attended college in Montana and we spent sometime in Iowa.

Kellie enjoys hiking and backpacking with their two dogs, as well as trail running, fishing and snow sports. She is always looking for an excuse to do anything outside!

While adventuring Kellie loves taking photos, identifying plants, and snacking on ALL the huckleberries.

(360) 953-3021