Hiking Docent Landing Page

This is a password protected page for the Conservancy’s Hike Leaders. Here you should find all of the information you need to plan and lead a hike! Thank you all so much for volunteering with us.

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Contact with Questions

Gillian Rowe


Work #: 509-328-2939 ext. 8

When Gillian will contact you via email: 

  • Reminder for Hike request: one week prior to the deadline 
  • When your requested hikes are officially scheduled (or if dates need to be adjusted) 
  • When hikes are live for online registration: about 1-2 months prior to the hike date 
  • Send updated attendee roster 1 business day before the hike date
  • Post Hike Follow Up (Who attended, # hours spent planning and leading hike, Any anecdotal stories and/or pictures from hike) 

I will send out a reminder and follow-up email to the hike attendees


If it is the weekend and you have an urgent matter, like canceling an upcoming hike, please call my cell phone number. If I am out of office, you can call Carol’s cell.

Gillian’s cell # 847-778-1510

Carol’s cell # 509-844-8354

Request a Hike

Register to lead a hike at the link below. After submitting, Gillian will reach out with the status of your hike.

The program asks that you lead at least one hike a quarter but you can feel free to lead more based on your availability!

Hike request deadlines:  

  • Mar 20 – for Jul, Aug, Sept hikes 
  • Jun 21 – for Oct, Nov, Dec hikes 
  • Sept 23 – for Jan, Feb, Mar hikes  
  • Dec 21 – for Apr, May, June hikes 

Our goal is to have at least 2 hikes a month so if you see gaps in the schedule to the right please try and fill them! 

Hike Request Form

Hikes on the Schedule

11/5/23 – Slavin Conservation Area hike with Andi Chatburn @ 9 am

11/14/23 – Liberty Lake Mushroom hike with Barb Morkill and Suzzane Schwab @ 10am

11/19/23 – Liberty Lake Cedar Grove hike with Brenda Day @ 10am

12/2/23 – Slavin Wetlands Conservation Area hike with Rick Hosmer @ 10am

12/16/23 – Antoine Peak hike with Rick Hosmer @11am

01/7/24 – Slavin Conservation Area hike with Andi Chatburn @ 9am

01/14/24 – Rimrock hike with Bob Ganahl and Jack Nisbet @ 9am

02/4/24 – Waikiki Springs hike with Alana Livingston @ 10am

02/17/24 – Antoine Peak hike with Rick Hosmer @ 11 am

03/16/24 – Palisades Park hike with Mark Merhab @ 10am

03/23/24 – Antoine Peak Conservation Area hike with Rick Hosmer at 10:30 am

04/20/24 – Palisades Park hike w Mark Merhab @ 9 am

04/21/24 – Waikiki Springs Earth Day Eve Hike @ 10 am

05/18/24 – Liberty Lake hike with Rick Hosmer at 10 am

06/02/24 – WSNP hike with Patti Z and Chad Pritchard at 10:30 am

06/08/24 – Saltese Wetlands hike with Patti Z and Rob Lindsay @ 9 am

06/15/24 – Saltese Uplands hike with Mark Merhab @ 9 am

06/21/24 – HOLD for Volunteer Appreciation Event

06/22/24 – WSNP hike with Patti Z and Brian Walker at 9 am

Partner with an Expert!

The newest addition to the Hike Docent program is the opportunity to partner with local experts when leading your hikes. In the past, we have seen an increase in event attendance with the addition of local experts on hikes. This is optional but highly encouraged!

To the right, you will find the contact information and a brief description of each local expert. If you wish to include an expert on your hikes, please reach out to them and set a date that works for the two of you. If the expert is too busy to lead a hike with you, I encourage you to ask them if they know anyone in their network who could join instead. You will then include this information in the hike request form!

Like every aspect of this program, this is a process of trail and error. Please reach out if you have any difficulties reaching experts. If you know anyone who you believe should added to this list, please let me know!

Finally, always remember that when communicating with partners/the general public you are an ambassador for INLC. I appreciate you all SO much and am excited to see how the program continues to grow. Feel free to Cc me in any emails if you would like 🙂

-Gillian Rowe

  • Michelle Bos (pbos@comcast.net) – Loves bugs, she led a bug walk with us in June 2023
  • Nigel Davies (ndavies2@ewu.edu) – Has led geology presentations for us before, works at EWU
  • Chad Pritchard (cpritchard@ewu.edu) – Geology professor at EWU and co-author of “Washington Rocks”, has led hikes with Dishman Hills Conservancy
  • Kelly Chadwick (k@spiritpruners.com) –  mycologist, contributes to OutThere Outdoors
  • Suzanne Schwab (sschwab@me.com) – mycologist, taught at EWU
  • Jessi Allen (jallen73@ewu.edu) – mushroom expert, knows lichens well (easily observable in any season), faculty in the EWU Biology Department
  • Jon Isacoff (jisacoff1@gmail.com) – Birding expert, has led hikes with us before, on the board of the Dishman Hills Conservancy
  • Lisa Langelier (langelier.lisa@gmail.com) – Birding expert, Spokane Audubon Society, retired preserve manager, member of INLC’s Land Protection Committee
  • Lindell Haggin (Lindell4118@comcast.net) – Birding expert, has led hikes with us before
  • Alan McCoy (ahm2352@gmail.com) – Audubon Society, can join on hikes/connect you with other birding experts
  • Jack Nisbet (jacknisbet@icloud.com) – local history and tribal expert, knowledgeable on native plants, has led many events with us
  • Brian Walker (brian_walker@fws.gov) – Wildlife and restoration expert, active with the Rimrock to Riverside work, has led wildlife hikes with us before (great for Palisades, Slavin, Saltese Flats, and Waikiki)
  • Rob Lindsay (rlindsay@spokanecounty.org) – former board president, mastermind behind Saltese Flats restoration, expert in local hydrology
  • Robin O’Quinn (roquinn@ewu.edu) – has taught classes on moss identification, faculty in the EWU Biology Department
  • Becky Brown (latahcreek@gmail.com) – Professor and Chair of Biology at Eastern Washington University. Area of expertise is in plants, restoration, & riparian ecology


Docent Bio Form

This form will be used to gather more information about our docents that we can share with the public when promoting your hikes.

Submit Bio Here