Hiking Docent Landing Page

This is a password protected page for the Conservancy’s Hike Leaders. Here you should find all of the information you need to plan and lead a hike! Thank you all so much for volunteering with us.

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Contact with Questions

Gillian Rowe


Work #: 509-328-2939 ext. 8

When Gillian will contact you via email: 

  • Reminder for Hike request: one week prior to the deadline 
  • When your requested hikes are officially scheduled (or if dates need to be adjusted) 
  • When hikes are live for online registration: about 1-2 months prior to the hike date 
  • Send updated attendee roster 1 day before the hike date
  • Post Hike Follow Up (Who attended, # hours spent planning and leading hike, Any anecdotal stories and/or pictures from hike) 

I will send out a reminder and follow-up email to the hike attendees

Request a Hike

Register to lead a hike at the link below. After submitting, Gillian will reach out with the status of your hike.

The program asks that you lead at least one hike a quarter but you can feel free to lead more based on your availability!

Hike request deadlines:  

  • Mar 20 – for Jul, Aug, Sept hikes 
  • Jun 21 – for Oct, Nov, Dec hikes 
  • Sept 23 – for Jan, Feb, Mar hikes  
  • Dec 21 – for Apr, May, June hikes 

Our goal is to have at least 2 hikes a month so if you see gaps in the schedule to the right please try and fill them! 

Hike Request Form

Hikes on the Schedule

8/27/23 – Rimrock View Trail and Park with Bob Ganahl @ 9:30am

8/31/23 – Saltese Uplands hike with Mark Merhab @ 5:30pm

9/2/23 – Liberty Lake Trail with Patti Z. @ 8am

9/7/23 – Trautman hike with Barb Morkill and Brenda Day @ 9am

9/10/23 – Waikiki Hike with Alana Livingston @ 10am

9/17/23 – Palisades Park Hike with Mark Merhab @ 9am

9/24/23 – Saltese Uplands Hike with Gina Claeys @ 9am

10/1/23 – Saltese Flats Trail with Patti Z. @ 8am

10/10/23 – Liberty Lake Mushroom hike with Barb Morkill and Suzzane Schwab @ 10am

10/15/23 – Rimrock Hike with Bob Ganahl

11/5/23 – Slavin Conservation Area hike with Andi Chatburn @ 9am

11/19/23 – Liberty Lake Cedar Grove hike with Brenda Day @ 10am

01/7/24 – Slavin Conservation Area hike with Andi Chatburn @ 9am



Fact Sheets and Trailhead Info

Click the links below each location for more information! All links should open in a new tab.

Docent Bio Form

This form will be used to gather more information about our docents that we can share with the public when promoting your hikes.

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