Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve

In the fall of 2020, thanks to the taxpayers of Washington, dedicated elected officials, and active community support, the Conservancy purchased this preserve along the Little Spokane River to protect it for wildlife, native fish habitat, and the enjoyment of the public for generations to come.

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Salmon Swim Again

Thanks to a growing partnership among Spokane Tribe of Indians, Inland Northwest Land Conservancy, and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Tribal Fisheries was able to release 51 adult Chinook salmon into the Little Spokane River in the Waikiki Springs Wildlife Area. Learn more here.

A River Runs Through It: And People Too

Waikiki (or “spouting water”) Springs rests on the banks of the Little Spokane River.  The 95-acre Nature Preserve is adjacent to Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife property of the same name. It is named for the myriad springs that flow from the hillside, into the river, keeping it a moderate temperature year-round. The vegetation along the riverbanks shade the water from the elements and create ideal habitat for local fish. In the intricate food web, these fish draw many other plants and animals. A bald eagle’s nest is visible from the Preserve and it is frequented by deer, coyotes, beavers, moose and many more.

Under Inland Northwest Land Conservancy’s ownership and management, this property will be open for the enjoyment of the community and accessible through the WDFW parking lot detailed below. Discover passes are required for this trailhead.

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Map of Waikiki Springs

Partners Who Helped to Make This Possible

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

WDFW manages adjacent recreation property and the trailhead.

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Spokane Tribe of Indians

This land was once a gathering place for the Tribe and remains critical to native plants and animals.

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Fairwood Farmers Market

The local community rallied around the protection of this beautiful urban oasis.

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