A Forever Giving Tuesday Gift

November 29, 2022

As three more well-intentioned fundraising appeals for worthy causes tipped from my fingers into the recycle bin, I looked at the low clouds on the horizon turning pink in the setting sun and reminded myself that the work Inland Northwest Land Conservancy does is built to outlast us. The legal agreements we’ve worked to put in place in the last 31 years protect 125 miles of waterways and 23,000 acres of land in the Inland Northwest. Those are legal agreements in perpetuity. It’s as close to “forever” as we can get.

So as your inbox fills up with great causes, things you value, and organizations working to create the future you hope to see, remember us and our work to keep our water and air clean, healthy plants and animals, and a bright future for ALL who call the Inland Northwest home. Thank you for investing in forever this holiday season!