Saltese Uplands Expansion Complete

October 13, 2022

55 acres Transferred into County Ownership Through Spokane County Conservation Futures Funding 

The Conservancy purchased the area shown in blue in 2021, adding to the the existing Saltese Uplands (in green).

Spokane County, through the Conservation Futures Program, has purchased a 55-acre addition to Saltese Uplands Conservation Area. The land, adjacent to the Saltese Uplands Conservation Area, between the cities of Liberty Lake and Spokane Valley, was purchased in 2021 by Inland Northwest Land Conservancy, which served as a bridge owner until Spokane County was able to make the purchase. The Conservation Futures Program, a voter-supported property tax-funded program that made this transfer into Spokane County ownership and management possible, has helped preserve almost 9,600 acres in Spokane County since 1994.

Riders take in the view of Liberty Lake from a trail at Saltese Uplands. PC: Dan Wilson

“It is deeply gratifying to participate in community conservation projects like this where we can partner with Spokane County Parks and Environmental Services to add to the overall impact of the expanding Saltese Conservation Area,” says Conservancy Executive Director Dave Schaub. “With more than 1,200 acres now under permanent protection in the Flats and Uplands, this special area is better able to serve the growing number of recreational users while providing essential habitat for all kinds of hawks, ducks, geese, deer, elk, and so many other animals.”

Thanks to generous funding from private donors, and the partnership of the previous landowner, Inland Northwest Land Conservancy secured the 55 acres of land and was able to convey ownership to Spokane at a 50% discount off fair market value.

“Being able to acquire properties like the Saltese Uplands Addition that provide critical additions to existing Spokane County parks and conservation areas during a very competitive real estate market – no less at a 50% discount – is a huge win for the community, trails, and wildlife,” said Paul Knowles, Planning, Development & Real Estate Manager for Spokane County Parks, Recreation & Golf.

An autumn sunset view atop the newly added 55 acres of Saltese Uplands.

In the Saltese area, there are now more than 1,200 acres of protected land, including the uplands, the flats wetland restoration area, the site of the Dorris Morrison Learning Center, and private land protected through permanent conservation agreements. Proceeds from the sale to Spokane County will go back into a fund that will allow the Conservancy to continue partnering with local communities in the Inland Northwest to protect natural spaces for the benefit of wildlife and humans, forever. 

Parking for Saltese Uplands Conservation Area can be found at 1503 S. Henry Road.

About Inland Northwest Conservancy

To date, the Conservancy, a registered non-profit land trust, has permanently protected over 23,000 acres of land, including 125 miles of waterways, in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Nearly 90% of households in Spokane and Kootenai Counties are within view of a place Inland Northwest Land Conservancy has helped to protect. With over 500 active members and hundreds of volunteers, Inland Northwest Land Conservancy works every day to protect the special natural places in the community, forever. 

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