Clearwater Paper Match to Replace Stolen Tools

April 30, 2024

While Clearwater Paper Corporation has supported Inland Northwest Land Conservancy’s work to conserve, care for, and connect with local lands and waters essential to life in the Inland Northwest for several years, this year’s pledge of up to $20,000 means a little extra for the organization.

In February of 2024, someone broke into the organization’s gear shed, severely damaging the doors, stealing a work truck and equipment—theft and damage that will cost $30,000 to replace and repair. The conservation organization relies heavily on these tools year-round, but particularly in the spring and fall when they coordinate hundreds of volunteers over dozens of projects to plant trees, maintain trails, and work to make healthier forests and wetlands in Spokane’s popular Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve. Clearwater Paper is offering a 2:1 match grant of up to $20,000 if we can raise the other $10,000 from our amazing community of support.

“The theft of nearly all of our stewardship equipment happened at an unfortunate time of year,” says preserve manager Steven Eddington. “Right as we were gearing up to begin our stewardship and volunteering season. We rely on the equipment to maintain our nearly 1100 acres of INLC property and 100-acre Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve. Without our tools, we cannot provide the community with conservation-focused volunteer events on our land. Because of this incident,” he says, “we have had to cancel or postpone many of our Springtime events. Unfortunately, this does not just impact our work as an organization. But also impacts the local community members and the wildlife who love Waikiki Springs.”

A volunteer plants shrubs at Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve.

When Nikki Penna, senior manager for engagement and inclusion at Clearwater Paper heard about the theft, and the massive impact it would have on conservation work in 2024, she went to work with Clearwater Paper’s Spokane charitable contributions committee.  The team secured a match donation of up to $20,000 for a crowdfunding campaign that will allow those who love the Nature Preserve to triple a gift to the Conservancy that will go directly to replacing the stolen tools and equipment and repairing the truck.

“Our Clearwater Paper volunteer team was looking forward to a rewarding and productive season helping out at Waikiki Springs when we heard the terrible news of the equipment theft,” said Penna.  “We quickly changed gears and wanted to do what we can to help INLC get back to business.” 

Volunteers build a corner of the popular Granite Loop Trail at Waikiki Springs.

“Like so many in the community, we very much enjoy recreating and spending peaceful moments at our wonderful natural areas that are so close to our city,” added Penna.  “We are pleased to keep supporting INLC’s efforts to conserve and care for our local special places such as Waikiki Springs.”

Conservancy staff are deeply grateful for Clearwater Paper’s partnership in pulling together a dedicated community of support. “INLC exists to support our community by protecting and caring for the natural places we love, the places that make living here special,” says INLC Executive Director Dave Schaub. “Because of this unfortunate robbery we now need our community’s support to keep caring for these lands. We are so grateful to Clearwater Paper for kicking off this campaign, and we are anticipating the generous support from folks who love stewarding nature to help us reach our goal.”

This crowdfunding campaign will begin in May and run through the end of June, or until the funding goal is met. Money received will be matched 2:1 through Clearwater Paper’s generosity and will be used to repair or purchase tools and equipment for Inland Northwest Land Conservancy volunteers in the coming work season and beyond. Gifts to this campaign are tax-deductible. For information on how to volunteer with the Conservancy or to make a gift, visit 

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