A Love Song for Land

September 24, 2020

Volunteers and members are the lifeblood of our conservation work! Whether you support us through our annual (though sadly, not this year) Appetite for Conservation fundraiser, are a monthly donor, own land on which we manage easements, or you follow us on social media and share our stories with your circle, we appreciate you.

Catherine Henze volunteers with the Conservancy as a writer, capturing the stories of our land, our community, and our people. You’ve probably seen her work in our newsletter or eNews and been inspired by her intimate knowledge of our work and her ability to capture the essence of the stories she tells.

This is her story–a love story. For land, water, animals–for the Conservancy. A story expressed through the art of music. Thank you, Catherine, and all of our members and volunteers, for your dedication to the Inland Northwest!