Autumn Events at the Conservancy

October 19, 2022

Join us! As outdoor events wind down for the year, remember to check out some great opportunities in the coming weeks!

Volunteer Events

Meandering along trails surrounded by fall colors is cathartic. PC: Nick James

In the last year, 54 Volunteer Land Stewards have volunteered their time to help care for the beautiful places we love here in the Inland Northwest. You too can join their ranks! With three upcoming trainings and a multitude of options for areas in which to serve, the Conservancy makes it easy for you to give back to the places you enjoy. Register for an upcoming training (October 27, December 1, or December 29) here.

Volunteer to plant trees and shrubs with Spokane County Parks and Recreation and the Conservancy at the Feryn Conservation Area near Mt. Spokane on Saturday, November 5. This restoration work at the headwaters of Deadman Creek will help improve water quality, stabilize the creek banks, and reduce dangerous weeds that threaten native species in that area. Register here to save your spot.

This past August, a fire tore through Palisades Park, burning over 40 acres before fire crews could contain it. To prevent further damage and erosion from the fire’s aftermath, you can help plant wildflowers that will take root and stabilize the earth in the coming seasons. Register here to plant flowers on Saturday, November 12 in one of Spokane’s most beloved natural parks.

Hikes and Activities

On Friday, November 4, join Conservancy staff for a hike to Liberty Lake Cedar Grove. INLC was instrumental in protecting this old-growth forest and moving it into County ownership and management. The fall colors, babbling creek, and crisp fall air will invigorate you as you learn more about what local conservation does for our community. Register here.

Volunteer Amy Dawley plants native shrubs at Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve.

Writing the Land: Windblown I is a collection of poetry, art, and maps of beautiful places, protected forever by land trusts all over the nation. Inland Northwest Land Conservancy is featured in chapter 2, detailing the beauty of Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve, Rimrock to Riverside, and the Coeur d’Alene River. Join us for a nationwide virtual book launch on Saturday, November 19. Register here.

On Sunday, November 20, visit the Saltese Uplands for a hiking tour and a dynamic description of the history of that area. With restored wetlands in the Flats, the Doris Morrison Learning Center under construction, and a recently completed conservation agreement with INLC on nearby property, this area boasts more than 1,200 acres of land, protected forever. Register here for this adventure.