Conservation beyond your own yard

August 8, 2019

It’s important to look after your neighbor – even when your neighbor is a park.

Craig Volosing and Karen Stevenson

Craig Volosing and Karen Stevenson own Hidden Meadows Ranch, a beautiful 40-acre parcel in the Rimrock area just west of the City of Spokane. Craig and Karen practice sustainable forestry and low-impact ranching. Hidden Meadows Ranch provides local grass-fed beef to the Spokane area.

Craig had lived there for many years when, in 2002, he persuaded the property owner to permanently protect the land from unwanted development – and then to allow Craig to buy the land he loved so much.

The ranch adjoins Palisades Park on two sides. Karen and Craig are active with Palisades NW, a neighborhood group which has “adopted” the park to help keep it clean and safe.

They are also active in protecting other lands near the park, including promoting the proposed Rimrock to Riverside extension to connect Palisades Park with Riverside State Park.

Craig Volosing showing the Rimrock to Riverside corridor

“I grew up near here and have always loved this place.” – Craig Volosing

Craig and Karen plan to grow old living on and caring for Hidden Meadows Ranch. They continue to demonstrate their love not just for their own land, but also for Palisades Park and the open space that is rich with native plants, wildlife and recreational opportunities.