Deep Creek Preserve Bio-Assessment Underway

May 3, 2016

The Charlotte Martin Foundation awarded INLC a $10,000 grant to organize a Bio-Assessment of the 155-acre Deep Creek Preserve, which is adjacent to the Reardan Audubon Lake Wildlife Area. A group of wonderful volunteers, including professors and students from local universities, will survey the flora and fauna on the preserve. This summer an intern from Whitworth will help pull all the data together. The goal is to create a baseline documenting the existing flora and fauna on the property. By establishing set protocols, this survey can be repeated regularly over a period of years. The data will show how climate change is affecting the property and will inform management of the property to ensure its viability as a sanctuary for wildlife.

May 4 Update – The wildflowers are in bloom at the preserve. Volunteers Bea and Jim Harrison were on the property doing a bird count as part of the biological assessment. Thank you!