Digging in the dirt with Gonzaga

September 29, 2022

Last Saturday, Gonzaga students celebrated National Public Lands Day 2022 at Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve! Twenty-two students took to the field with the Conservancy to help complete projects that will benefit plant life and enhance reptile habitat in the preserve.

Together with stewardship staff, students installed four large enclosures which will protect the native plants set to be planted in October. Wildlife will get to munch on those plants eventually, but in the meantime, the fencing will protect them while they establish strong roots and grow. The plants will support biodiversity, provide shade cover and forage for wildlife, and help build a sustainable and healthy preserve.

The students also installed reptile and amphibian habitat structures. These structures, made out of re-claimed tin roofing material, provide warmth, cover, and lock in moisture, which reptiles and amphibians need to thrive on the property. (Note: These structures were installed well off-trail, but if you see tin, please do not remove or disturb it! There could be critters under there!)

Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve is a popular community spot for hiking, birding, running, and enjoying the outdoors, but with the use of the trails for recreation comes a responsibility to also support the natural space for the plants and wildlife that call it home. Thank you to the Gonzaga students for dedicating their time to support the ongoing maintenance and enhancement efforts that will allow native species to thrive in the preserve!

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at Waikiki Springs visit our events page here: https://inlandnwland.org/events/