INLC Accreditation Update

March 1, 2016

Photo Credit: Mary Weathers – River Rock

Inland Northwest Land Conservancy knows that accreditation is a mark of distinction, showing that a land trust meets the high standards for land conservation. It sends a message to landowners and supporters: “Invest in us. We are a strong, effective organization you can trust to conserve your land forever.” Accreditation demonstrates that a land trust has successfully implemented Land Trust Standards and Practices developed by the Land Trust Alliance, our national governing organization. .

Accreditation is a catalyst for improvement, which results in faster, better, stronger conservation. The accreditation seal offers the assurance that a land trust can keep the promise of perpetuity and that it is worthy of the public trust. So, accreditation strengthens individual land trusts as well as America’s land conservation movement.

We are excited to report that we submitted our pre-accreditation application in January 2016. The full application will go in April 2016. After a rigorous interview process we will be informed of our standing in September 2017. We feel confident that this is a milestone we can attain to further the integrity of the organization.