INW Women of Conservation: Pt. 2

March 25, 2021

By Pat Loomis, Conservancy Volunteer

Inland Northwest Land Conservancy has benefited from the time and talent of many women in its 30 years of existence. Today, in celebration of Women’s Month, we celebrate Rose Richardson, our conservation and stewardship coordinator. Rose lives her passion every day, caring for Conservancy properties. She monitors protected lands and designs hands-on restoration and volunteer programs to enhance the existing habitats and evolving land protection efforts.

Rose spent many years working on the lands in Washington before she joined the Conservancy. She holds a degree in geography from Western Washington University. She designed restoration projects, monitored lands, and helped with volunteer programs in Bellingham, WA as a stewardship associate for the Whatcom Land Trust. For two years, she built trails, did restoration work, and fought wildfires with the northwest region Department of Natural Resources.

Rose is most excited about the 95-acre Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve, located in North Spokane off Fairwood Drive. This spring, the Conservancy team and volunteers will work to restore the area to its natural state, benefitting habitat for local plants and animals. Enthusiastic about her job, and in love with our area, Rose shows her passion through her work for the Conservancy. Thanks, Rose!