Just Another Day at the Office

October 8, 2021

By Carl Griffin, Conservancy member and past board president

Hunter and his human, Carl, (right), tour a recent Conservancy project area.

Between my back, and Hunter, (my dog) and the summer heat, we had not been down to {Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve} until Tuesday.  Descending down the road, Hunter put up a convey of quail and another smaller one at the bottom of the hill.  Going across the bridge, two mallards took off.  Turning right  at the “T,” a doe stood at the end of the path by the far north fence.  Coming back another small covey, than a rooster, and then a hen just took off for the fun of it.  Did I say at least two more coveys as we headed to the south border.  Just as we started back a rustle in the brush got Hunter REAL excited and as we walked another 15 yards, a young coyote took a major exception to our disturbing his hard earned nap and started yapping to bring parents, cousins and siblings to join the protest.  Oh, and finally, crossing the river again a young beaver slapped his tail to tell us his displeasure with being interrupted during snake time.

Just another day at the office.