K&L Gates: Partners in the Forever Business

August 3, 2021

Working in the forever business of protecting lands and waters is clearly a long game — and one that requires lots of players from many different walks of life. It’s like a game of chess that goes on, well, forever! And without the support of dedicated and passionate community partners and businesses, we couldn’t do it.

Since the early 1990s, K&L Gates has generously provided pro bono legal services to Inland Northwest Land Conservancy. Every Conservancy land deal, every contract, title report, question about hazardous waste or employment law has gone to Craig Trueblood and his partners. If it’s got “Approved by CST,” we know it’s golden. Craig and the firm have provided incredibly valuable advice to the board and to staff. Over the years, the dollar value of that pro bono service has amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars. But to a non-profit organization in the land and water and perpetuity business, it is invaluable.

Thank you Craig Trueblood and K&L Gates!

This photo from 2011 shows attorney Craig Trueblood and then board president Peter Witherspoon celebrating Craig’s contribution with a Conservancy service award.