Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty Together

November 8, 2019

Coming to us in October, 2019 as our Conservation and Stewardship Specialist, Rose Richardson was previously a stewardship associate for Whatcom Land Trust, where she developed systems for easement monitoring and volunteer engagement. Here is her message:

Rose working her first fire - dirty face

My name is Rose and I’m an activist. When I say that, I mean that I enjoy taking action for the things I believe in. Climate Change and human development are to the point where conversation and debate have become outdated, and decisive action is a necessity. This is why I’m thrilled to be serving the mission of the Inland Northwest Land Conservancy. In the most fundamental way, INLC is taking action against climate change and leading the charge to protect our lands from development. Critical, beautiful lands, at risk of becoming developed or poisoned, are being set aside for habitat, water quality, carbon sequestration, and recreation. If that isn’t action, I don’t know what is.

The next step is to restore those lands to their ultimate health. That’s where I’m happy to come in. A scientific approach, met with some volunteer tenacity, can encourage habitats to return to a more natural state, store an astounding amount of carbon, purify waters, and bring our communities together. Many goals, met by simple action. I am so glad to be here, taking action for the people and places that I love. I hope to see you out on the land in the future. Let’s get our hands dirty together.