Meet our new board member: Todd Beyreuther

August 18, 2015

Todd Beyreuther is an Assistant Research Professor and Director of the Integrated Design Lab at Washington State University. Todd conducts built environment research in areas of integrated building and infrastructure systems design. Prior to joining Washington State University in 2008, Todd practiced as a structural engineer in Seattle, WA and taught at the University of Washington in the College of Built Environments. Todd is also Founder of Mass Timber Systems, a design, engineering, and manufacturing company in Spokane that integrates raw timber supply, cross laminated timber panel fabrication, and wall, roof, and floor assemblies prefabrication for high-performance buildings. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Washington and received a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota and a Master of Architecture from the University of Washington.

Todd’s interest in conservation and land trusts stems from the connectivity across entire supply chains from natural environments to built environments. With a deeper awareness of sustainability considerations in the design and construction of buildings and infrastructure, the externalities of resource management are critical to ensuring the health of humans as well as natural ecologies. An example of this interconnectedness and the focus of Todds’s research and applied work is with timber structures that provide healthy and desirable buildings while also addressing rural economic sustainability and forest restoration efforts for fuel reduction (wildfires) and ecological balance. These forest restoration efforts have a direct tie to other land trust considerations of watershed and habitat protection and wildlife corridor continuity. Similar connectivity exists between issues of increasing densification of cities and limiting urban sprawl.

Todd hopes that he offers a unique and relevant perspective to the Board is honored for the opportunity to contribute.

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