New Conservancy Team Member

October 28, 2021

From the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia to the wide cattle ranges of western Colorado, Kasey Bader has traveled far, to land right here in the Inland Northwest. Brand new to the area, she joins the Conservancy team to provide support for philanthropy and communications. “My favorite thing about the Inland Northwest  is the accessibility to so many recreational spots,” she says of her new home. Spots where she looks forward to running, skiing, hiking, and exploring local rivers and lakes with her fly fishing gear. Growing up visiting places like Great Smokey Mountain National Park and the Appalachian Trail, and watching her childhood home of endless pastures and trail systems cave to the march of development and “progress,” taught her that protecting places we love is vital.

As a project manager for Badger Creek Ranch, she managed a cattle herd in alignment with holistic goals supporting healthy landscapes and livestock. She also worked in fundraising and education to support the ranch’s conservation and sustainability. As the newest team member, she says, “ My hope is that through my work with the Conservancy, the community and beyond will feel a deeper sense of connection to the land. I hope to convey that this work allows us to breathe a little deeper and have a sense of peace knowing green spaces, clear water, and clean air are protected for us and our families. I hope my work helps provide access to educational and recreational resources for those who haven’t felt that it was readily available in the past. “

Kasey’s skills as a competitive rodeo rider will likely come in handy as she works with the Conservancy team to engage with the community and instill curiosity and connection to our natural environment. And her affinity for the “resilient and gritty” coyote in Coyote America by Dan Flores (the last book she read) will make her fit right in, here in the self-proclaimed gritty Inland Northwest. Welcome, Kasey! We are glad you’re here.