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Sunshine with Roots

By Pat Loomis, Conservancy Volunteer Have you noticed that profusion of yellow sunflower-looking flowers, blooming all o...

InLAND News InYOUR Mailbox

This spring’s InLAND News should arrive any day. Look for articles about the Saltese Expansion project, legacy giv...

Lichen What? Crusty!

By Pat Loomis, Conservancy Volunteer Next time you are out in nature, look closely at the rocks!  They may be home ...

Conservation Heroes: Meet the Land Protection Committee

These are the heroes whose education, professional experience, and passion for conservation help to guide our work in pr...

Douglas? You Mean the Tree?

David Douglas explored and catalogued many native northwest species, the grasswidow and Douglas fir, among them.

Summer Reading List

Are you looking for ways to wile away the hours this summer? Do you want to learn more about the natural world right out...

INW Women of Conservation: Pt. 2

Rose Richardson, Conservancy Conservation and Stewardship Coordinator, is a local hero for the planet.

INW Women of Conservation

During Women's History Month, we celebrate just a few of the women who fight for conservation right here in the Inland N...

Throwback Thirty

This Spokesman Review article from September 1991 speaks to the vision of our founders and the importance of protecting ...

New Year and New Executive Board Members

As we welcome a new year, the Conservancy also welcomes three new members to our executive board.

Your Impact in 2020

Check out a digital copy of our most recent newsletter, complete with a report of how your contributions to the Conserva...

Why Waikiki? The history and future of Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve

A River Runs Through It—and People Too! Waikiki Springs Nature Preserve: New Conservancy Land Open to the Public



2020 Impact Report

Impact Report