Olmsted 2.0: Rimrock to Riverside

May 29, 2019

Rimrock to Riverside is the first major project in INLC’s “Olmsted 2.0” initiative, a conservation vision for future parklands in Spokane County in the next 100 years.

Just as the original Olmsted project in 1907 laid out a master park plan for the city of Spokane (that included revising Manito Park, and creating Riverfront Park), Olmsted 2.0 creates a blueprint of important properties to preserve for wildlife and recreation corridors.

Funded by a grant from the Innovia Foundation, INLC is partnering with numerous organizations, from user groups such as the Spokane Mountaineers to advocacy associations such as the Washington Trails Association.

Whereas in Seattle’s King County 54% of the land is privately owned, in Spokane County, nearly 90% is private, opening the way for development, and reduction of precious open space.

As a result of the original Olmsted plan 82.3% of people in the city of Spokane currently live within a half mile of a park.

With Olmsted 2.0, INLC and its partners hope to offer similar proximity to parkland for everyone in Spokane County.