Pause . . . and Breathe

September 29, 2023

By Gillian Rowe, Conservancy staff

Driving through the bustling town of Hayden, Idaho my to-do list runs through my brain. Reply to Megan when I get home, schedule tonight’s social posts, and check your email. What am I going to make for dinner?

My train of thought is interrupted by Google Maps indicating my next turn. I make a right on English Point Road and settle my car into the gravel parking lot. Keys, wallet, phone, water. Make sure to lock the car. My boots are strapped, my hair is tied. Guess I’m ready to go.

As I make my way along the trail the sound of buzzing engines is traded for the buzz of bees. And the buzzing thoughts in my brain subside. With each step away from the road I become more immersed in nature. My mind’s eye shifts from the list of to-dos to the flying sparrows ahead. Ponderosa pine tower above me. I hear the drum of woodpeckers in the distance. A ray of sunshine breaks through the clouds and rests on my cheek. I close my eyes and take a deep breath in. And out. I realize this is the first time I’ve been outside all day.

Halfway through the hike, I get a glimpse of Hayden Lake where across the way you’ll find the Richards Property at Honeysuckle Bay. The glistening water looks too inviting.

When I settle myself back in the driver’s seat, a bit of sweat resting on my forehead, I find I’m mapping myself to Honeysuckle Beach. The to-do list can wait, right?

The author on her first visit to English Point

Staring across Hayden Lake, legs ankle-deep in the water, I pause for a moment taking in the calm that is Hayden, Idaho.

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