Pettibone Addition to the McKenzie Conservation Area

November 18, 2015

On October 5th, Spokane County added 44 acres to its McKenzie Conservation Area (see map). Just as INLC helped with the original McKenzie purchase, so too it fostered the Pettibone addition. It’s another good illustration of how INLC often works behind the scenes to secure land for people, parks, and wildlife.

This land is on the northwest side of Newman Lake, and it shrinks the gap between the shores of Newman Lake, the McKenzie Conservation Area, and the flanks of Mt Spokane. It contains diverse topography, big cedars and western white pines, a year round pond, and views north to Mount Spokane State Park. INLC supported the original 421-acre McKenzie purchase in 2005 and worked closely then with the family, its forester Jim O’Donnell, and Newman Lake neighbors such as Margo Wolfe and Linda Pool. In 2014, our Newman Lake friends approached INLC for help securing the adjacent Pettibone property which was going up for sale. INLC met with the landowner and guided her toward a successful Conservation Futures nomination, and worked in tandem with the Newman Lake folks. INLC member Norman Thorpe drafted a plan to create a loop trail through Pettibone and McKenzie. If you are interested in helping build the trails in 2016, contact Paul Knowles at Spokane County Parks at or 509-477-2188.