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March 22, 2024

Patty Houff Fund Continues to Benefit Conservation

By Emalee Gillis, Conservancy volunteer

An avid backpacker, nature lover, and longtime member of the Conservancy, Patty Houff made a lasting
contribution to conservation through the way she lived her life. And although Patty has been gone for a decade, the Conservancy continues to receive the benefit of Patty’s forethought and generosity.

“If we don’t preserve our natural areas now, pretty soon they won’t be available to be preserved.”

Patty Houff

During her lifetime, Patty served on the Spokane
Mountaineers Committee for Conservation. That group worked with others including the Conservancy on a number of projects with the goals of increasing access to recreation and preserving land for wildlife. Patty’s proudest accomplishment was her work with the Dream Trail, an aspirational connection between the Palouse and Camp Caro in Dishman Hills to the north.

According to Vicki Egesdal, Associate Director of the Conservancy who knew Patty for years, “Patty was quiet, and her compassion ran very deep. It was part of her faith. She was a deep person. Some people come across as spiritual. Patty definitely came across that way. She was full of kindness and compassion.” Vicki shares, “Patty’s values for conservation came out of her view that it was critical to care for what God has given us. She knew nature was important and animals were
important. She never said those exact words, but her actions showed her values.

Toward the end of her life, Patty established a donor-advised fund with Innovia through the sale of appreciated stock. Her fund generates earnings each year, supporting the work of Inland Northwest Land Conservancy. According to Innovia, Patty once said, “If we don’t preserve our natural areas now, pretty soon they won’t be available to be preserved.” The beauty of Patty’s story is that she was crystal clear about her values. And she found a way to support those values long after she was gone.

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