Spokane Audubon Society – Partner in Conservation

February 15, 2018

The Spokane Audubon Society (SAS), which was founded in 1969, is one of INLC’s most important partners in conservation, particularly regarding Audubon Lake and Wetlands. The SAS mission is closely allied with that of INLC. The organization aspires “to provide services to the Spokane region that allow natural ecosystems to become more healthy, thriving and restorative, to nurture and protect birds and other wildlife and their habitats, and to encourage biological diversity for the benefit of people and nature in the Spokane region and the world in which we live.”

In order to realize this admirable mission, SAS engages in a variety of educational, scientific, investigative, recreational, literary, historical, philanthropic, and charitable pursuits. Education is primary, and SAS puts on programs for young and old throughout eastern Washington regarding birds, habitat and conservation. In addition, SAS leads field trips open to the public, particularly to Audubon Lake and Wetlands; assists in the annual Christmas Bird Count and other surveys (including some at Deep Creek Preserve and Audubon Lake); works with Turnbull and Friends of Turnbull to reestablish riparian habitat; and has helped the state Audubon Society produce a birding map of Eastern Washington.

The Spokane Audubon Society has a long history of affiliation with INLC, particularly regarding Audubon Lake and Wetlands. Initially, they assisted with the initial purchase of Audubon Lake. Not only did they make an important financial contribution, but they helped to procure donations from Audubon chapters throughout the state. Next, they made the initial contacts regarding the purchase of Deep Creek Preserve. Finally, they provided vital financial assistance for the recent purchase of the Mikklesen property.

We encourage everyone to go to their website, spokaneaudubon.org), which contains a wealth of invaluable information for all those interested in birds and in conservation. Under “Links,” it even contains a special section on Audubon Lake. INLC could not be more grateful to the Spokane Audubon Society for their long-standing, continuing collaboration.