Update on Sisters property

December 18, 2015

I appreciate all the support and positive comments we have received as a result of our effort to purchase the Sisters of the Holy Names property. I want to again thank all those who helped to make our proposal so compelling.

Many of you are wondering about the status of our proposal and what is happening with the property.

Apparently the winning proposal was submitted by Catholic Charities Spokane. We believe that negotiations with the Sisters are underway. As of today Catholic Charities is in the driver’s seat. We have reached out to Catholic Charities with no response to this point. I believe INLC still has valuable expertise and resources to bring to the table and we hope to work with Catholic Charities on preserving the property’s natural areas and shoreline.

INLC has recently learned through the Spokane and Kalispel Tribes that a significant portion of the site is a registered native archeological site (1990). The tribes have relayed that information to the local realtor handling the transaction. While this information would have actually enhanced our proposal through expanded education and outreach, it will definitely have an impact on any possible future development of the property.

INLC intends to remain positioned to conserve this valuable public resource. I will continue to stay in contact with all parties interested in preserving the Sisters’ property.

Finally, I once again thank all of you who have been so supportive and engaged throughout this process. The collaboration and collective resources you have brought to this effort continue to be a positive voice for how Spokane sees its future.

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