Wildflowers of Idaho

April 5, 2024

By Pat Loomis

The Idaho state wildflower is the Syringa (Philadelphus lewisii). Syringa blossoms smell like oranges and grow in clusters of white waxy flowers on this perennial shrub.  It is often called the mock orange for the resemblance of the flower and its scent to the orange blossom.

Trillium wildflowers are also known as “Wake-Robin” as  they bloom around the time the robins return.

Photo from Discover Idaho’s Wildflowers in Bloom: A Guide to the State’s Wildflowers

Learn more at the resources below!

Wildflowers of North Idaho on the Idaho Forrest Service website

Visit Idaho – Discover Idaho’s Wildflowers in bloom:  A Guide to the State’s Wildflowers by Amanda Oien and Laura Harley

The University of Idaho has a lot of information about the wildflowers in Idaho. They also have an app that profiles over 800 Idaho flower species, including photographs and scientifically detailed information for the public.