At year’s end, will you leave a legacy?

December 26, 2022

All of us have the power to give back to our communities and make a difference to help the causes that are important to us. By planning to leave just 5% of what we have to local organizations doing important work in our community, we can make a difference where it matters for generations to come.

Excerpt from Palouse Champion Leaves a Legacy by volunteer writer, Heidi Lasher

For most of Alice Clausen’s life, she saw the sun rise and set over the Palouse. Her home near Spangle, Washington south of Spokane had been her husband’s childhood home. She spoke passionately about the farmland and the pockets and seams of brush and tall grasses that she shared with birds and wildlife. Alice passed away peacefully in her home under the vast Palouse sky last fall. Her generous gift has made a substantial addition to the Conservancy’s endowment funds, which are managed by the Innovia Foundation, a community foundation serving Eastern Washington and North Idaho. Her $400,000 legacy gift will be used in part to support the Volunteer Land Steward program, to restore habitat, and conserve wild places throughout the Palouse and the Inland Northwest.

Representatives from the Innovia Foundation share their perspectives about supporting the long-term health of the community you love.