Conservancy Spring Events

May 27, 2022

Land stewardship takes many different forms. It can look like volunteering to build sustainable trails for recreation, or deepening your understanding of the historical or ecological significance of an area while on a hike. The Conservancy offers a variety of events for the community to explore different ways to connect to the land.

June 4- Liberty Lake Hike Cedar Grove Hike
Celebrate National Trails Day with a hike out to Liberty Lake’s Cedar Grove. This 4-mile round trip hike follows Liberty Creek through the forest. Community Conservation Program Manager, Todd Dunfield, is leading the hike and will share the history of the area and its significance to conservation. Register Here.

June 6- Trail Work at Waikiki Springs
Trail work is your chance to check out what it takes to build hiking and biking trails. The trail work is led by Community Conservation Program Manager, Todd Dunfield. Todd will teach participants about the different tools used to move dirt and rock, and how to build sustainable recreational trails. All tools are provided by the conservancy. Register for trail work here.

June 11- Waikiki Springs Community Picnic
Pack your favorite lunch, grab a blanket, and meet us on the banks of the Little Spokane. The June 11 Community Picnic at Waikiki Springs will be the first held in over a century. Join us for the revival of an age-old Spokane tradition. RSVP here to attend the picnic.
The picnic is free to attend. Please bring your own provisions!

June 18- Foraging at Rimrock to Riverside
How does a plant out in nature become a salve used to treat wounds or offer pain relief? In this foraging class led by Conservancy Stewardship Manager, Rose Richardson, learn to identify and responsibly harvest plants to make a medicinal salve. Each participant will receive their own salve starter kit to take home. The workshop will follow sustainable foraging practices. Register here.

July 9- Foraging at Waikiki Springs
The flowers you see while out hiking and biking have more to offer than beautiful colors in bloom! Often these plants contain medicinal properties that can be used in salves to offer pain relief and treat cuts or sunburn. Join Rose Richardson to learn about the healing powers of plants and how to sustainably harvest them for a salve. The workshop will cover responsible foraging practices and proper plant identification. All participants will receive their own salve starter kit to take home. Register here.